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Turf & OrnamentalsThe Turf division of GreenStar Cooperative works with schools, golf courses, parks & recreation departments,
municipalities, lawn care companies and others to  maintain lawns, ball fields, fairways, greens in optimal

From soil preparation to nutrition, plant protection and analysis, we work with the professionals in the greens industry to make the fields and courses athletes play on to be safer and conducive to whatever sport is played outdoors.

For field preparation we carry the Turface line of soil amendments and top dressing, as well as Quick Dry drying agent to allow play on wet fields sooner.

We do the same with landscapers and lawn care specialists, so that you can be proud of your yard when you, and others, look at it.

For winter time safety we carry salts and de-icers for use on driveways and parking lots that are effective to -20 degrees. We carry basic rock salt, and de-icers that don’t track into your home, office or store like salt does, and are effective at the lower temperatures.